Luigi Amato Kunst was involved in philosophical practice  since 2009. He got a master degree in  Phenomenology and Philosophy of Mind at the University of Copenhagen, a master degree in Theoretical Philosophy at the University of Venice, and a Bachelor in Middle age Philosophy at the Vatican University in Rome.He was Senior Fellow Researcher at the Søren Kierkegaard Research Centre Copenhagen,  in 2015 founded philoActiva  Organisation, which made several experiences  with Humanitarian Organisations  such as Danish Charity Council, the Red Cross of Luxembourg, WanterauktionLisko and  Caritas. He opened philosophy help desk projects in Italy at municipalities and universities, such as

He published several essays and made a lecture at Toronto Trinity College on Kierkegaard and mathematics. Previously, he started his career as CEO at LAMG and general consulting manager in marketing and industrial relation strategies.  He’s the founder of  Philoactiva Organization.     read more→