Experienced philosophical analyst, migrator and writer, using culture as well as business models & personal projects, to help  profession, career and social behaviour, to face depression & hardships. Founder of philoactiva and fanatic of the Joe Rogan website


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8001 Zürich , CH
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2700 Copenhagen, DK
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Piazza Giovanni Paolo I, 70
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philosophy hot spot

Luigi counsels in his Praxis in Zürich, Copenhagen, Vittorio Veneto. To book a session in person, or a video session, fill up the request form below. Languages are English and Italian


Psychoanalytic Practical Philosophy  is an effective answer to the hardships that overtakes ordinary people who got stuck in life. A wheel can only work if all the spokes are attached. Mind contacts world making decisions. Behaviour creates social reality. Culture shows new continents, and projects are the routes, Commitment is the sailing boat.  Such a life is a spiritual existence.  

It is not a kind of duplication of psychotherapy, but an experienced rationality able to face depression, fear and anxiety.

It provides critical thinking, effective and concrete programs, moving toward higher and more complex levels of description of reality. One day, the level in which we are living is no longer enough. It becomes narrow and outdated, and our spiritual growth stops. It is not a disease, but a stage on the life’s way.

By looking after archetypes, such as hunting, exploring, travelling, we reach deeper levels of consciousness and abilities.  The hunter is able to read signs beyond appearances, the explorer looks after new worlds, and the traveler travels light.

In this perspective, symptoms are not something of which we have to find the cause, but symbols speaking of our truths. They are directions.

A business man for over 20 years Luigi changed his life in 2007 and moved to Denmark, to continue philosophical studies. He’s specialised in Phenomenology and Philosophy of Mind at the University of Copenhagen, and Theoretical Philosophy at University Ca’ Foscari in Venice. He spent a period as a senior fellow researcher at the S. Kierkegaard Research Centre  in Copenhagen. He also has a Bachelor in Theology at the Vatican University on Rome.

Over the last 9 years he made experiences  with children games, poverty and addictions in Denmark, marginalisation, asylum seekers and homeless in Luxembourg. He founded a philosophy help desk network in Italy in cooperation with municipalities, and worked to help elderly people with covid marginalisation by creating digital projects and promoting the web culture to face the rising solitude and loss of empathy that overtake millions of ordinary people.  

From 2022 he opened a Praxis branch in Zürich, CH.