Experienced philosophical analyst, migrator and writer, using culture as well as business models & personal projects, to help  profession, career and social behaviour, to face depression & hardships. Founder of philoactiva and fanatic of the Joe Rogan website


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8001 Zürich , CH
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2700 Copenhagen, DK
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Piazza Giovanni Paolo I, 70
31029 Vittorio Veneto, IT
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philosophy hot spot

Luigi counsels in his Praxis in Zürich, Copenhagen, Vittorio Veneto. To book a session in person, or a video session, fill up the request form below. Languages are English and Italian


Psychoanalytic Practical Philosophy  is an effective answer to the hardships that overtakes ordinary people who got stuck in life. It is not a kind of duplication of psychotherapy, but an experienced rationality able to face depression, fear and anxiety.

It provides critical thinking, effective and concrete programs, moving toward higher and more complex levels of description of reality.

What is world-therapy (Welt Therapie) ?